Onward and Upward

Life has changed quite a bit since I last posted to this site. First & foremost, we’re no longer just about “Blueprints & ‘Bows’” over here – last year, we added a baby brother to the mix; a delivery room surprise that shocked & delighted us all! Jack turned one in quarantine, and doesn’t knowContinue reading “Onward and Upward”

A Mother’s Limitless Love

It was 9:00 pm, and there I stood – in the doorway to my 16 month old’s bedroom, staring at her innocent, unknowing face.  Her tiny butt stuck straight in the air, knees tucked up under her chest, her pacifier (named “Gus”) hung from perfectly rosy, parted lips. Her chubby hands hugged tight to her favoriteContinue reading “A Mother’s Limitless Love”

Parenting is Easy! (a parody on advice)

Breast is best – but not in public – that’s gross. Only breastfeed in your house. Make sure to get out of the house when you have a newborn. Don’t leave the house between naps or your baby might fall asleep in the car. Napping in the car will mess with his schedule. Don’t everContinue reading “Parenting is Easy! (a parody on advice)”